Saturday, December 05, 2009

Coincidence? Or Divine Intervention?

Really jealous of those who are at Redsfest this weekend. We certainly have the best team festival in all of baseball, and I'd like to thank the Reds for putting it together. I'm wearing Reds gear today and am really happy to hear Dusty Baker said Stubbs is the starting centerfielder (also that Taveras is being Stubbs and Dickerson on the CF depth chart and Heisey is listed as the starting leftfielder.) I've really enjoyed all of the Tweets today from Redsfest - seems like everyone's there - Red Reporter, Redleg Nation, OMG Reds, Reds Minor Leagues...

In January I'm going to Beirut for what is most likely the whole year aside from a trip back to Washington for work every three or four months or so. (And a week in Paris to see U2.)

One of these trips back is going to be in July so I can see U2 in Chicago, Philly, and New York over a two week span. (Yeah, I know it's a little excessive.)

Now, as I was looking at the Reds schedule to see about catching a game over the course of those two weeks, at first I was disappointed because the Reds weren't at home. Then I saw where they were going.

My shows are July 6 in Chicago and July 12 in Philly. It just so happens that the Reds are in Chicago July 1-4 and in Philly July 9-11.

Huh. Of all the things. What are the chances of one, let alone two times working out like this?

(Oh, btw, if you were wondering about this weird U2 stuff, when they came out with their latest album, they had a song about Lebanon. Two weeks later, I had a job that I didn't interview for in a Lebanon organization. And I'll be living there next year. Also, an image such for Achtung Baby came up with this Bronson photo.)


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and be careful.

Hope you can find time to blog.

Daedalus said...

Thanks! There will be ample time to blog, I'm sure, since part of my job is social media.