Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Fa la la la lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala...

This is the first day of Christmas. For the next twelve days, I will be posting about each day's number and its significance to baseball. So here we go: 12.

The Reds have made 12 playoff appearances in their history.

Did you know that when the Bankees$ originally began to wear uniform numbers that 12 was used by starting pitchers?

Reds players who have worn number 12 are: Smoky Burgess (1955), Darrel Chaney (1972-1974), Dave Revering (1978), Harry Spilman (1980-1981), German Barranca (1982), Wayne Krenchicki (1983), Nick Esasky (1983-1988), Joel Youngblood (1989), Paul Noce (1990), Freddie Benavides (1992), Willie Greene (1992-1998), Deion Sanders (1994), Dusty Baker (too long).

You can buy packs of a dozen baseballs at your local sporting goods store.

Twelve players tested positive for stimulants during 2009.

Roberto Alomar, who is up for the Hall of Fame with Barry Larkin, wore number 12 during his career.

There are 108 stitches on a Major League Baseball, which is divisible by 12, equally 9, which is the number of players on the field. This, of course, means absolutely nothing.

In 1912, Redland Field opened in Cincinnati. Redland, of course, was later renamed Crosley Field.

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