Sunday, December 20, 2009

We would have won it anyway

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JohnU said...

Here's my take on the Black Sox. I think they were set up to fail but I think the con game was much much bigger than that. This is an East Coast conspiracy to shift the balance of baseball power from Chicago to New York.

Follow the bouncing ball. Comes 1919 and the Red Sox mysteriously unload Babe Ruth to New York, which somehow is in the midst of building an enormous baseball stadium that will have to be filled.

The only way assure that NYY becomes a tangible contender is to dismantle the White Sox.

Comiskey is taken to the cleaners.

Landis had every opportunity to keep the 8 men in the game but he didn't. The White Sox were sold down the river by the owners.

Maybe they had it coming but if it hadn't happened, the Sox would have remained atop the AL for a long long time and could have conceivably run the Cubs out of town, not unlike what happened in St. Louis with the Browns.

In a sentence, the Black Sox scandal was contrived to make sure New York became the central baseball power. (It worked.)

-- John U