Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rant away those winter blues

It's winter - we need something to do with our time, right? I present you with another great Marty moment:

One of my favorite Marty moments in recent years (and there really aren't too many of them, to be honest) is this rant against Chub$ fans when they threw a bunch of balls onto the field after a Dunn homer. He summed up what we think of them brilliantly and pissed off a lot of Chub$ fans. The rest of us - even fans of other non-Chub$ teams - found the rant wonderful enough for someone to create a Facebook page Marty Brennaman Is My New Hero.

Chub$ fans aren't obnoxious? Here's a perfect example of what Marty was talking about:

Unfortunately, they still won the division that season but were wonderfully swept by Los Angeles in the Division Series. It makes me happy to think this man might have cried.

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