Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lucky number seven

This 12 Days of Christmas by the Numbers is lame. Seven just isn't significant.

The number of NL West titles the Reds have won is 7.

Reds who've worn 7: Pat Corrales (1969), Hector Cruz (1979-1980), Don Werner (1976,1978-1979), Rafael Landestoy (1982), Russ Nixon MGR (1983), Billy DeMars CH (1986-1987), Lenny Harris (1989), Mariano Duncan (1990-1991), Al Newman (1992), Rick Wrona (1992), Kevin Mitchell (1993-1994, 1997), Curtis Goodwin (1996), Alex Ochoa (2000-2001).

Seven is a position with a gigantic question mark over it for the Reds. Of course, if they had JUST SIGNED DUNN then we'd be set.

Seven is, of course, Mickey Mantle's number always and forever. Speaking of Mantle, his history of injuries didn't keep him out of the Hall - why is this an issue for Larkin?

The best World Series and LCS go to 7 games. Unless the Reds are in it. I don't need that heart attack.

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