Saturday, December 26, 2009

On the Larkinth Day of Christmas

Continuing with the 12 Days of Christmas by the Numbers series, today we reach 11, which, of course, is Barry Larkin's number always and forever more (the Reds will put it up on the wall one day soon.)

Other Reds who have worn number 11: Roy McMillan (1957-1958,1960), Hal McRae (1972), Denis Menke (1973), Bob Bailey (1976), Ron Plaza CH (1978-1981,1983), Dann Bilardello (1984-1986), Kurt Stillwell (1986-1987), Barry Larkin (1988-2001)

Ryan Zimmerman is the best player now wearing number 11.

Eleven is the number of pitchers a team should have on its roster. Unfortunately, that's never the case.

The chain 7/11 pays money to have games start at 7:11pm on occasion.

The longest losing streak the Reds have had was the 11 losing seasons in a row from 1945-1956.

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