Monday, May 22, 2006

The curse is broken

My own personal curse, that is. Yesterday I witnessed the Nats actually winning a game. Prior to that, I had been 0-8. Maybe the tide will turn. You never know. ¡Livan! pitched like ¡Livan!, even in the first inning, so that's a start.

It was nice to see some people at the ballpark this weekend. On Friday, there were 30,000 fans. Sunday there were about the same, and there were a lot of O's fans, but at least there were people in the seats. I sat in various places during Sunday's game until finally settling into my ticketed seat in right field in the fifth inning. I kept moving because O's fans were being obnoxious, but I gotta give them one thing - they know how to cheer. That's right - Nats fans don't know how to cheer. Some people say "there's nothing to cheer about" but that just shows they don't know how to do it. You cheer when a pitcher gets two strikes on a batter. You cheer to start a rally. Cheer on a 3-2 count when you know the runners are going. Cheer to get your pitcher out of a jam. I'm puzzled, too, by the sound people who play the clapping music over the loudspeakers. They'll play it once and stop, so it hasn't even registered with most people that they are supposed to be clapping. I'd gladly do the job if they offered it to me, for I grew up a Reds fan, and Reds fans know how to cheer.

Did y'all notice the new green paint with the section numbers running around the stadium? It's great having owners!

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