Monday, May 08, 2006

Off day? What do I do? What do I do?

Fresh off the heels of taking Red Hot Mama's Number 1 fan survey today (yes, I am a Number 1 fan), I am discovering now that my psychosis goes beyond the ridiculous, as I don't know what to do without a game to watch, since both the Reds and Nats have the day off before Washington hits the Queen City for another sweep. (OMG, am I going to start trash talking with myself?) Sure, I have the Rockies - Deadbirds game on now with the sound turned down and French music playing (how do we live in this day of multimedia without going insane?), but it just isn't the same, even if a team we really want to lose, the Deadbirds, is losing. (I still haven't forgiven Dinger and Company for shutting out the Reds last week.)

I just sent my letter and resume to an international organization for the perfect job, at least at this point in my life. The organization is located in Berlin; if I were to get it, I'd be in Berlin the last week of June and would miss the second half of the season. Well, I wouldn't miss it; I'd just have to watch a lot of archived games and I'd look forward to the day games so I could watch them at night. I'm probably even obsessed enough to get up before dawn to watch the West Coast games. I know baseball is a game of superstition and jinxes, so I probably shouldn't mention anything, but if there is any power in good wishes and prayer, I could use more people rooting for me to get this job.

There is baseball in Berlin. They have teams like the Flamingos, Sluggers, Roadrunners, Challengers, Raptors, Rangers, Marines, and Herzogtum. Whatever that means. No, I don't speak German. Yet. You can be sure I will be attending some of these games. The language thing kind of reminds me when I was learning French and would watch Les Expos on the Montreal channel in college. Circuit! Circuit! I suppose it's odd that I watched so many Expos games and now follow the team religiously here in DC. That's fate, right? Hopefully this job is, too.

Note: Rockies beat Deadbirds, Giants playing Asstros. West Coast games make me get no sleep. Go Giants!


Chris said...

I'm rooting for you to get the job in Berlin, but I'll miss my buddy to go to games with. Oh boy, it would be bittersweet.

Rox Girl said...

Good luck with the job quest, sister, and I'd be careful rooting for any team called the Flamingoes, that just sounds like trouble.

So, the Rockies have been keeping up their end of the bargain (four and oh vs. the bad men in your division) yet we're only one game ahead of the D-backs right now, so what happened? Wasn't sombody else supposed to beat the snakes back into the ground? Sigh, I guess if you want something done right...