Friday, May 26, 2006

Fire Frank! Now! There's no crying in baseball!

Yesterday's tears proves that Frank is senile and needs to go. At a press conference after the game, Frank was CRYING because he had to take "catcher" Matt LeCroy out of the game in the middle of an inning. LeCroy was simply awful, nearly throwing the game away, literally. The Asstros were running on him at every chance because he couldn't throw a ball to a base to save his life.

The Reds have three catchers. Why doesn't Bowden try to get Javy Valentin? The Reds could use a reliable reliever, perhaps Jon Rauch. Hey, it would stink for the Nats to have to give him up, but this catching situation is desperate. What if Schneider, who is supposed to come off the DL today, gets injured again? A team can't function with one catcher. Not only is Javy a solid defensive catcher, but he also is a great pinch hitter and can fill in for Nick Johnson at first when he needs a day off.

Stupid Bowden.


ashlee said...

Isn't Jon Rauch the guy who started the 11th inning the night of Junior's huge walkoff homer? Big, tall guy?
What are his numbers like?
I only have that one outing to go off of, so I'm not going to offer an opinion of that potential trade, but keep this in mind: The word is that Krivsky is looking to unload LaRue, not the Latin Love Machine.

Daedalus said...

Yeah, I realize Krivsky wants to unload LaRue, but I'm hoping he doesn't. I like LaRue, even when he's not hitting. He's a real leader on the team.

Yeah, Rauch is the guy, the tallest pitcher in Major League history. It was one of his few bad outings of the year. He has an ERA of something like 2.40 - 2.60. Usually ERA isn't a good indicator for relievers, but Rauch pitches long relief sometimes and often goes two or three innings in a game.