Friday, May 05, 2006

Red Bull Express

Go to, scroll down, look at the lefthand column, and see the wonderful picture posted on the strikeout leaders box. At number #1, with 45 Ks, is Aaron Harang! The names beneath him? Martinez, Glavine, Capuano, Schilling. That's not bad company.

The numbers: 5-1, 3.78, 45 K. Last night verses the Rockies he struck out 12, a career high, the second time in this young season he has hit a career high. I told you to put him on your fantasy team!

Attention Reds fans! What do you think of the nickname "Red Bull" for Harang? He needs a nickname, and he certainly is a workhorse, a bull, if you will.


ashlee said...

I like it... Just so long as the opposing team doesn't take swigs of Red Bull and spit it out after scoring against Harang, like the soccer teams who play against the former New York/New Jersey MetroStars, now known as the New York Red Bull, do.
That might get kinda nasty.

Everything Reviews said...

A small group of people in Cincinnati call him the Harang-utan (pronounced Harangatang).