Monday, May 22, 2006

Week Seven Wrapup

Albert Pujols. Albert freaking Pujols. The Deadbirds suck without Albert freaking Pujols. It's too bad that Pujols is a nice guy, because he makes it tough not to like him. But he plays for the Deadbirds, and the Deadbirds are the enemy, taking over first place in the NL Central.

Reds (25-19, 2nd place)

Nearly getting swept by the Pirates is not a way to be a winning team. Winning two games in a week is not a way to be a winning team. Having Stormy Weathers blow your one run leads is not a way to be a winning team.

David Weathers is NOT a closer. It's time for Coffey.

Dave "We lost Sean for this?" Williams won his campaign for assignment designee! I'm thinking Rick White may be running for another assignment designee position soon.

Watching Junior swing a bat brings a tear to my eye, such is the beauty of that arc he creates. Grand slams are awesome.

Reds Saint of the Week: Todd Coffey. No runs given up by the Java Man in three innings pitched this week, which saw him earn his second career save and the first of hopefully many for 2006. Java Man is now 2-0 with a sparkling 0.70 ERA for the season.

Nats (16-28, 4th place)

A 3-3 week is pretty good when you're not winning all that much. Dropping two to the struggling Cubbies isn't a way to get your team on track, that's for sure. ¡Livan! pitched well on Sunday, even in the first inning. Irish O'Connor has done a wonderful job and has earned a permanent spot in this rotation.

Nats Saint of the Week: ¡Livan! Number 61 went 1-1 with a 1.93 ERA for the week, pitching 14 innings and giving the old bullpen a break. You can't help but love this guy. He was my favorite pitcher back when he had on a Giants uniform, even though he did go 0-2 and pitched poorly during the 2002 World Series. He's still my favorite Nats pitcher, and it was so nice to see him pitch a good game on Sunday.

Giants (23-21, 5th place)

Not only did the Giants win 5 of 6 this week, they swept the Asstros, not only winning the three games, but absolutely crushing the Asstros in all of the games, 10-1, 14-3, and 10-1. Gotta love it when the Asstros get crushed like that. (It'd be nice to see the Nats do it this week.) Hopefully, this week is an indication that the Giants are finally going to start playing how they are supposed to be playing. It is odd that in a division whose 2005 winner ended up only two games over .500, the last place team is two games over at this point in the season.

Of course, the most notable accomplishment of the week was 714. I'm rooting for number 715 with Bonds' heir in the house as the Giants play three against the St. Louis Pujolses. Sir Albert will one day pass Barry on the all time list, insha'allah.

Giant Saint of the Week: Barry Bonds. 714. 'Nuff said. Barry haters, eat your hearts out. Oh, and Russ Springer and the Asstros fans who cheered him when he threw at Barry, screw you.

Around the Horn

The Mets will be starting their ninth starter this week. Rumors are flying that the Mets want to pick up Assignment Designee Williams. Can the Reds get Wagner for Williams? He could set up for Coffey. ;)

Kerry "Arm's made of rotten" Wood made his first start of the season against the Nats this week. He didn't throw all that well, but the Nats did their best in the ninth to try to take that L from him. Chief got lucky on a bizarre play to end the game.

Interleague play saw an increase in attendance by 26.4%. There were even people at the Nats games over the weekend.

Red Hot Mama got to see the ghetto of Major League Baseball. At least they put up some green paint around RFK. Now she knows that I really do wear Reds shirts with my Nats cap when I go to games.

The Pirates suck.

Tony LaRussa proves he is the jerk that everyone says he is in his ongoing public feud with the Wizard of Oz.

Speaking of Deadbirds - Albert Pujols: could he really hit 80 this year?

Demon of the Week

Pirates fans and Pittsburgh media. Unable to face the reality that their team Sucks, they threw fits when Bronson Arroyo made some comments saying he should have beaten a team like that. Wake up, Bucco fans. Your team really is awful. And give us Casey back.


DevilsAdvocate said...

Could have sworn that DC won that game against Kerry Wood...I seem to remember there being 3 or 4 homeruns off him.

And did you take that photo of Livan in your last post?

Daedalus said...

Yeah, I was just fixing that. I was remembering how the game was nearly blown in the ninth and remembered incorrectly.

I wish I could claim the photo, but I can't. It was taken last year on the first pitch for the new Nats. I used it as desktop wallpaper for awhile last year. I can't remember where I stole it from.