Wednesday, May 03, 2006

We got an owner!

We got an owner, we got an owner, we got an owner, hey, hey, hey, hey! Worshippers of the baseball religion have finally prayed Nationals fans out of Purgatory! Soon, we will be free from the torments of a constraining payroll, stupid management decisions, no marketing, poor concessions, and dare I say it - Trader Jim?

Fear not, ye Nats fans of little faith! This team will turn around! The offense is strong, the rotation is starting to right itself, and Irish seems to fit nicely into a once dire pitching situation. A 9-18 record aside, I dare to say that this team will make itself a contender by the time September comes around!

Doubters should look to the Reds for faith. Look where new ownership has gotten them - best record in baseball!

Don't forget, ye faithful, that Saturday verses one of the worse teams in baseball, a Caseyless Pirates team, is Crud Light Baseball Cap Night, free to fans 21 and over! (No, Crud Light is not included. I think, if the Nats really want to help their pathetic attendence, they should have $1 beer night.)

Tonight we have Tony "pleasant surprise" Armas, Jr. (2-2, 2.76) going against Brian "I haven't won a game" Moehler (0-3, 9.82) and the AAA Fish.

Pray Dan Ugly goes 0-4 with either four Ks or four GIDPs or a combination of the two.

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