Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Heads Must Go

So I'm looking at the All-Star promo on the homepage to see who they put up for Reds and Nats, when I noticed something odd. The Deadbirds in the bottom left corner (the bottom, where they belong!) had four players when everyone else had three. And then I noticed, oh, looky, the Bankees and Red Sox have four as well. And the large market Dodgers and Giants. And for good measure, last year's World Series losers, the Tigers. (Surprised it wasn't the Chub$ instead.)

Now, instead of taking every single tiny little opportunity to remind fans of small market teams that their teams are small market teams, why not just, um, well, put three heads up for each team? It's not like it won't work out that way, because each row would lose one head. And having three heads for each team would make each existing head a little bigger so you don't have to squint to see who it is.

It's time to start a revolution! Storm the Bastille! Overthrow the aristocracy! Off with their heads!

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