Tuesday, April 03, 2007

One Sweet World - I'm So Excited, I Just Can't Hide It Edition

One of the reasons I love baseball, which I've expressed here so many times that you're probably sick of it, is that the real world does not exist within a stadium's walls. You are free to enjoy the memories of innocence and the wonder of childhood while stuffing your face with hotdogs and screaming your lungs out in the hopes that somehow your words will make your team win. When I was roaming the lower level of RFK to get closer to the players, I was just like these kids in the photo.

One thing about the type of photos I take is that you aren't going to find a lot of standard sports photos. I'm more into geometric photos with crazy shapes and angles and patterns, creative type things like this one. Sure, I'll take some action shots, too, but I really like taking the weird ones.

It really is a thrill to see Church in leftfield. Finally!

Case in point - a pattern shot of the coveted Diamond Seats, where anyone who's anyone in Washington sits, at least when they bother showing up to games. You can see Tim Russert stuffing his fat face, George Will contemplating what his next idiotic column will be about, or David Brooks pondering whether he will vote Republican or Democrat in the next election. I'd love to sit in these seats one game this season.

The political media isn't the only circus in town. Here, a MASN reporter interviews John Patterson. Sometimes I wonder why they even bother with these interviews, because it's all just scripted talk. It's really quite fake. That's why I loved Screech's Best Friend's posts from Spring Training. They were quite real and, of course, he actually cares about the game. I guess the players felt comfortable talking to someone who wasn't going to gripe about them or go stab them in the backs like some professional journalists do.

I posted a smaller version of this photo earlier, but I liked it enough to post it again. Not only does it have shapy angles and stuff, but it has lots of color and better yet, it has guys from opposing teams chatting together.

With that, here are some more photos that I'm sure will pop up in Photoshops at some point! Cuz Blogger sux a little, they're all over the place and in no particular order. And I can't caption them, but that is no matter. I'd just say things like "Boy, Ray King is fat!" or "Hey, it's the high socks club!" or "Look! I'm in leftfield!" See more photos of Austin Kearns or of the pregame.