Saturday, April 14, 2007

Robonat 3

So I was watching the Nationals game on public television last night - they lost, of course, but it was only 3-2 after Ryan Wagner gave up the winning run - and I just kept the television on for some background noise when the game was over. Robocop 3 came on immediately after the game.

I didn't know what it was when it first came on, as I've never seen any of the Robocop movies, but within 30 seconds I knew it was awful. It was just one of those poorly done movies with frightfully bad acting* that tries to get some retarded point across. Of course, all 3rd sequels are pretty horrible, so this was to be expected.

It wasn't more than 15 minutes before a car chase followed by crashing police cars occurs. Some wannabe suit gets out of his wrecked car - the type of Camero you find mullet-haired drivers in today - and makes some poor attempts at sexist remarks towards the woman cop before a gang of Detroit surrounds the wreckage. The jerk ends up getting killed.

The Nationals were like that car crash in the first week of the season. It did not take long before they lived up to expectations. But you know what? I watched the whole movie, and it was definitely watchable despite the cheesiness and the horrible dialogue. I love the Nats players - love Zimmerman and Kearns and Church and Lopez and Schneider, anyway. Like that Robocop 3 movie, they seem to be getting better. And like the ending of the movie, they'll have to battle robot ninjas to save Detroit. Oh wait, maybe not.

*Bradley Whitford is in the movie, so at least one decent actor is in there.

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